Online Learning

About Our Online School

Mid-Columbia Partnership Online fosters a caring community of online learners who support each other in accomplishing their individual learning plans. We deliver flexible, dynamic, and relevant virtual learning opportunities for every learner to receive high quality instruction in a student-centered environment.

MCP Online is Kennewick School District’s fully online, teacher-directed, tuition-free public school. Students connect online to teachers, classmates, curriculum, and resources, while learning from home with the support of their parents.

We serve students in kindergarten through 8th grade. We serve all levels of students, whether at grade-level, advanced, or struggling. Learning experiences are provided both asynchronously (through online reading assignments, activities, and videos) and synchronously (through live online classes, small groups, individual support sessions, and office hours).

How Our Students Learn

MCP Online offers a combination of asynchronous and synchronous learning to best meet the individual needs of each student

Asynchronous Learning

This type of learning can take place at any time. Your children can work at the times that they are most alert and when best fits in their unique schedules. Asynchronous learning includes reading texts, watching videos, taking notes, working on projects, and a myriad of learning activities. Our teachers provide pacing charts, so you and your children know if they are track to finish on time, but you have flexibility on the moment-to-moment when the learning occurs.

Synchronous Learning

This type of learning takes place at a specific time. However, instead of the 6 1/2 hours that are scheduled in a traditional brick-and-mortar school, only part of the day is scheduled, and the rest of the day is flexible for you to schedule in your own individualized way.

Synchronous Learning consists of live teacher-scheduled sessions. These could include:

  • live class sessions
  • small group workshops
  • 1:1 support
  • office hours

Monitoring Progress

Students have their own learning plans, with syllabi and pacing charts specific to the courses they are taking. 

Students must make two-way contact with each of their teachers every week.

Every month, each student's progress is reviewed and determined if it is adequate to complete the course on time. If a student is not making adequate progress, then an intervention plan is developed for the student.

We’re Bringing Nationally-Recognized Curriculum To MCP Online

MCP Online will begin using the Florida Virtual School online curriculum in the 2021-22 school year. Designed by experts in each content area to high academic standards, it will provide even more rigor and flexibility to the individual needs of students and communities.

The FLVS curriculum offers courses in K-8 that are filled with engaging, interactive instruction and activities supported by thoughtfully developed assessment tools. Hundreds of hours are spent designing each course with lesson plans, videos, games and puzzles and quizzes.

FLVS courses meet the benchmarks of the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts and Math, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Standards for World Languages, Next Generation Science Standards for Science, and National Council for the Social Studies standards for Social Studies. Additionally, FLVS has been recognized for the strength of its online curriculum by accreditation and online learning experts.

Click here to read the online handbook. 

Contact List

Travis Hatke

Assistant Principal


Cody Freeze

Middle School Teacher (6th Grade)


Sandi Howland

Elementary Teacher (Kindergarten)


Melissa Schneider

Elementary Teacher (3rd grade)


Hunter Perez

Online Teacher (1st grade)


Kenzie Connolly

Online Teacher (2nd grade)


MyTran Rojas-Nguyen

Online teacher (4th grade)


Christina Mattson

Online teacher (5th grade)


Angie Sanders

Online teacher (7th grade)


Gillian Loogman

Online teacher (8th grade)


Tanya Davis

K-8 Counselor

Diana Gibbs

Online Teacher (6th-8th Grade Electives)

(509) 222-5291