Learning Plans

Learning Plan Instructions

Please follow the instructions below to complete your learning plans. If you have any questions, please email carrie.deforest@ksd.org or kelly.anderson@ksd.org.

  • Choose your student (on the left hand side) after you log into WINGS, https://www.wingsnw.com/wings/mcp


  • Name your class math, science, language arts, social studies, music or PE.

  • Select the subject in the drop down box.

  • Open a new window on your internet browser and open MCP’s website, www.schools.ksd.org/mcp.

  • Click on SCHOOL on MCP’s website and then click on LEARNING PLANS.  Choose the correct grade level and subject that you are working on.

  • Copy and paste the class description from MCP’s website to WINGS. Make sure you add the estimate of weekly hours.

  • In the learning materials box on WINGS, list all your materials that you will be using for that subject. Remember to be specific with titles.

  • LEARNING GOALS is the next box. Copy from the template the goals you will be addressing this year.

  • LEARNING ACTIVITIES is the next box. Copy the activities from the template that apply or write activities. Remember to take out “student name” and put in your child’s name.

  • Last box is PROGRESS/EVALUATION. Copy from the template. Remember to take out “student name” and add your child’s name.

**Remember as you are copying and pasting to add and/or change goals, activities and evaluation needs to match your plans at home.

Important! Save often! WINGS times out and your work may be lost.


Learning Plan Instructions

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