Navigation 101 empowers students to make the education system work for them, so they can take charge of their own future. This personalized learning plan helps students become contributing, productive citizens by understanding how to navigate high school. Students will graduate with a specific plan for life after high school that involves college, work, military, technical school, industrial certification, or another option.

Required Components

Successful completion annually of ALL three required components will satisfy the graduation requirement for the High School and Beyond Plan. See link for more information.

  • Advisories provide a long-term connection between staff and students in developing their high school and beyond plan through a series of structured lessons.
    • Students are required to attend all advisories. Make-up opportunities will be provided.
    • Students will be in danger of failing Navigation if they do not make-up missed advisories.
  • Portfolio requirements include plans for post-high school experiences, academic progress and evidence of best work, and record of school and community involvement.
    • Students must have 100% completion of the Portfolio Audit on an annual basis.
    • Students must complete at least a total of twelve (12) documented hours of Community Service by their senior Student-Led Conference.
    • Junior and Senior students must document at least three (3) Career-Related Experiences by their senior Student-Led Conference.
  • Student-Led Conference is when the student presents their portfolio to their parents and advisor annually.
    • Students must successfully present their portfolio to their advisor and parent(s)/guardian/or other adult on an annual basis.


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